Friend Linux
Project by Bobby Cooper

Using lite custom configured Linux based on Q4OS-Debian for connecting to your Freind Network. Versions for 64bit computers and Raspberry Pi3. LiveDVD; USB Stick bootable; Hard Drive installer. Going to be Awesome !

Friend Linux

Based on Q4OS-Debian Linux (Jessie) and it works, rock sold, secure easy to configure and maintain. We use it as our base configuration.

Raspberry Pi 3

A Whole Lot of Awesome comes with the Pi 3 computer.

HP Access Point

HP Procurve MSM310 is configured with 16 SSIDs and IP routing for Domain Names of any choice you have.

Private Internet

Ever wanted to run your own Private Internet ? Want to be your own Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerman ? Well, it is now witin reach and we can help you get there; FAST !